Thursday, April 30, 2015

Need help getting $$ for a lawyer for autistic son

Well my asperger's son had a major meltdown which the police were called into school (incident happened at home - but because son had marks on him school reported it).  He is being charged with 2 counts of simple assault and I am in need of an autism advocate/lawyer (as his public defender knows nothing) .  I have never asked for money,,. but if you are still a reader of this blog I am asking for you help.  Whatever you can afford cause I know we are all hard up on money.  I do not want my son treated as a criminal.  The rage was fueled by a low blood sugar (he was recently dx'd in March having type 1 diabetes) and coupled with his autism the rage was bad.  Please help anyway you can and I thank you in advance

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Marti N said...

My boy is doing fantastic. Havent had a rage in a long time. We slowly stopped the resperidal and started him on Abilify and he has been on it for 3 weeks. No more rages or kicking or punching walls - although still receiving verbal outburts. His probation is done. Just trying to get him to do lab works ordered from is endocrinologist for his Type 1 diabetes and the remainder test for the medicine he takes. He is very reluctant to get this test and they are over 6 months due. He also needs a full eye exam because of his diabetes but tying to get him to do it he is so reluctant., For his job in the summer he needs to get criminal and federal checks done and to get federal clearnaces which requires fingerprints and oh boy is this expensive especially being on a budget .. $16 for the criminal and child abuse clearance and $27 for federal - fingerprints. All have to be done in the next 4 weeks. Plus I need to pay the same amount because of my type of employment. How is my asd boy doing now -- growing and maturing,, thinking about take a girl to the snow ball dance. I am really proud of him.